The Musings Series


“So here we are, musing with the golden sparrow, confident,
a little oooomph to the stride, yet humble because we
don’t know everything, can’t know everything. For example,
the typewriter . . . someone anonymously gave it to
someone who gave it to this traveler and that’s how this
story got started, with a mystery, an un-known, a kind of
divine intervention because the machine (primitive by
modern standards) arrived and a story is beginning, like
how no one knows the whole story of how anything came into
existence . . . or does someone, maybe?”

“the Musings are cage-free, whatever the mode . . . orally, rock carving,
papyrus, ink/pen & paper, typewriter, computer, recorder . . .
the Musings will find a way through because the Musings are
of the spirit world and not limited to physical form, yet they
do love the physical form that helps give them expression,
shape, helps them to find a home, enables them to experience
the vicarious thrill of spilled coffee, bits of eraser feverishly
left on the desk, the desk slapped with glee like a high-five
after the messages have been delivered. The desk is also
thanked for being oak, still oaking, giving this traveler a place
to write, a place to call home, though much of this book
penned while out and about.”

Book 2: photo albums of the heart-mind

Book 1: Musings with the Golden Sparrow

                                 © 2018 by Walter E. Harris III.