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News Service

$5 a month subscription to get a daily email with about 5 to 10 links to other than mainstream media news. Includes video interviews, and more. 

Of course you can search the web for free but in this case I’m doing some homework for you, scanning through various alternative sites and making selections. The links highlight interesting perspectives and trends as well as educated opinions and factual info which challenges or disproves the mainstream media’s deception, propaganda, and, too often, outright lies. Such mainstream views are often so in-grained that for many it is a leap of perspective faith to even consider that there is another possibility. Along with helping me stay more informed about what’s going on worldwide, much of my daily news readings and watchings provide research that feeds my essay writings and topical poems which get posted at axisoflogic.com where you can read them for free... so in a way, by subscribing you’re helping me as a writer. It’s a month-by-month subscription so if you sign-up you can cancel whenever or take a month off, if you want to.

There are a bunch of writers that I’ve followed regularly for a while and so have come to trust; they are well-respected as credible sources typically freelancing or investigative, thus not under the thumb of advertising and media-corporations. And then there are discoveries of ‘new’ writers.

Also, on this website is (posted sporadically) an audio show, “Between The Lines: listening to literature online,” featuring interviews as well as themed shows on a variety of topics (literary, topical, and otherwise) and typically reading selections from a featured book and adding my comments. If you want to be notified of new shows, send an email (that’s a freebie).

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