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The Significance of Standing Rock 9/2016

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Lies My English Class Told Me 6/2016

Commie-Tragic 5/2016

Waiting for Gwotod 1/2016

Holly Days 12/2015

Follow the Roots: a brief study of profit and liberation (9/2015)

Toxic Spewing and the Punditocracy (8/2015)

Curve Balls (8/2015)

Swimming a Nautical Mile in Another Person’s Web-Feet (5/2015)

Utopia Walkers: A Tribute to Eduardo Galeano (4/2015)

This Little Piggy Went to Markets (4/2015)

Gold Standard Revisited (12/2014)

In God They Tru$t (11/2014)

Don’t Jump Off the Cliff Notes: People’s Climate Movement and Beyond (9/2014)

The Cage Industrial Complex and a Cry for Ecological Intimacy (8/2014)

Laugh Tracks in the Sand: a tribute to Robin Williams (8/2014)

Extremist Sports Psychology: Step Back, There’s Nothing To NotSee (7/2014)

Altered Landscapes (7/2014)

Seceding from D&C (6/2014)

Totally Nuts (6/2014)

What My Father Taught Me About Mother Earth Day (4/2014)

Alliances and Signs of Empire Waning (3/2014)

Empathy In The Time Of Numbness(1/2014)

Of Lotteries and Loopholes (12/2013)

Global Consciousness Pie Chart (11/2013)

Searching for Reality in the Museum of Fukushima Dreams (10/2013)

Manuf®acturing Consent (8/2013)

Machinations and the Deus Ex Machina (7/2013)

The Cult of MonoCulture (6/2013)

Drive-thru Theofascism (5/2013)

The Genocide Under the Rug: travelogue(4/2013)

Maggie's Farm Revisited: Global Peeps' Movements Sprouting (3/2013)

Real v. Fake (2/2013)

Overkill and The Great Disconnect (12/2012)

Around The Hearth, On-The-Go, And Penned-In(12/2012)

Two Hands Together In Prayer: reflections post hurricane full moon Sandy (11/2012)

Peoples’ Movements: The Long and Short Term (10/2012)

Revisiting The Book of the Damned (7/2012)

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50 Ways to Leave Your Leader (3-2012)

The Shifting of the World Occupation Center (10-2011)

Occupy(s) (10-2011)

Economic Mood Swings and Emotional States of the Union (8/2011)

Hypocrites in the 21st Century (8/2011)
(Act II)

Theaters War, Absurd, Educational, and Otherwise (7/2011)
(Act I)

Transcending the Franchised Empire (4/2011)

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A Brief Look at Poetry

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