...the almost wordless art...

Learn the basics of haiku with this workshop:
HAIKU: Being in the Moment: Flowing with the Seasons

          must be good friends,
          three sparrows gathering
               on a lilac branch

                     - Mankh


Though its roots go back at least 2600 years, haiku began to flourish in 17th  century Japan. Akin to Zen Buddhist and Taoist philosophy (and other Asian arts), haiku poetry encourages attention to the present moment as well as keeping connected with the pathway of seasons. A wonderful way to align with nature, enhance one's mindfulness (as well as Zen mindlessness), and hone your verbal skills (being so short, haiku require great precision!).

Learn about haiku as a way of life, literary genre and creative hobby. Workshop topics include: a brief history of the shortest poetic form; traditional guidelines and modern adaptations; the Asian culture, philosophy, and meditative-ness behind the poem; how to write haiku AND apply the haiku-essence to longer poems. For beginner to advanced.

Mankh authored/edited Haiku One Breaths, a how-to write haiku, plus anthology, & edits and publishes Haiku Calendar. His haiku and essays have also been published in Frogpond, at simplyhaiku.com, and elsewhere. Contact him: mankh(a)allbook-books.com

Allbook Books’ most popular book:
Haiku One Breaths: a voice through a tangle, part how-to haiku and part anthology of poems, available in book or PDF format

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