about Mankh

Walter E. Harris III (known to fellow poets and friends as Mankh) is a writer, small press publisher, editor, and Turtle Islander. He hosts a the audio show, Between the Lines: listening to literature online.

Calendar20  Mankh assembles words into a, presumably, original and unique, yet  recognizable order, which, according to popular opinion, makes him writer, though he also considers himself a recorder or freelance scribe  attempting to make sense of the world and himself, as well as to convey words, thoughts, ideas, and emotions from a holistic perspective.

He started writing in elementary school, and over the years and miles and  times spent not writing.. the poetry (especially) took hold and shaped his creative urges and thus much of his life. He also finds essays to  be a wonderful venue for conveying a sense of holistic synthesis, as Mankh enjoys learning from various worldwide cultures and traditions.

His writings are mostly inspired by Nature, various world mythologies and spiritual pathways, historical and current world situations, listening to music, and his spiritual path which is a combination of Kaballah, Tantra, and Alchemy, as well as the Chinese wisdom-teachings of the Tao  Te Ching (Thou Dei Jinn) and I Ching (Ye Jinn).

Some of his strongest poetic influences (and enjoyable reads) are Rumi, Gerard Manley Hopkins, e.e. cummings, William Stafford, Gary Snyder, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Hafiz, and Kabir, as well as the˜beat poets, Japanese haiku, plus a somewhat  inexplicable connection with the Muse which includes the nine traditional muses of ancient Greece, and Native Peoples’ philosophy/mythology.

Mankh’s writings aim to reflect truth, uplift or calm the reader, and present  information that may help the reader (in some way) with his or her life-journey.

Along with books, his poems, essays, reviews and letters to the editor have been published in:
Outlook Long Island, Long Island Pulse, The Long-Islander, Void Magazine,
www.counterpunch.com , www.ward6review.com , www.poetryvlog.com , Frogpond, www.simplyhaiku.com , Northport Journal, The Poet’s Art, The Brownstone Poets 2009; Anthology, LIBRe: Long Island Book Review, The Suffolk Standard, Creations Magazine - www.creationsmagazine.com , Poetry Bay - www.poetrybay.com , Paumanok Poets News, d’Arts, Book/Mark: A Quarterly Small Press Review, Bards Bi-Monthly, Starting From Paumanok... The Newsletter of the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association, Sports, Inc., Long Island   Sounds: An Anthology of Poetry From Maspeth to Montauk and Beyond,  Performance Poets Association Literary Review - http://www.performancepoets.org & www.Newsday.com