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This book is written in a genre-bending style of poetic-nonfiction.

It shows how the disconnect from Mother Nature, the Spirit world, and the sacred feminine has allowed institutionalized thinking/Empires to lead humankind onto destructive paths. Ancient cultures thrived and religious groups co-existed before Divide&Rule Inc. became the dominant modus operandi. With attention to the holistic (both with one’s self and the world), and by re-connecting (as easy as talking with the birds) with the timeless, each of us can find a place in this -- according to the Incas -- Age of Meeting Ourselves Again.

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So as to help protect Mother Earth and especially the trees where, you know, birds hang out, Musings With The Golden Sparrow is printed on 100% recycled papers (which hardly any publishers large or small do, so it costs a little more to do that.)

5.5” x 8.5” and 188 pages – paperback.
$17.95 (which includes NYS tax where applicable) + $3.05 shipping

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“Mankh, the author of Musings with The Golden Sparrow takes us thorough a journey filtered through the eyes of a traveler who is touched by Native Nations’ spirituality and eastern philosophy. The traveler is at times cynical, mostly cerebral, yet poetic. Advertised as poetic-nonfiction, the book reads at first like a hard to follow memoir. Once the reader re-frames their notion of what to expect, Musings with the Golden Sparrow reads like a clever history lesson of political and ecological evidence weaved around connections and coincidences that ‘rub’ up against you. Mankh writes through the eyes of the traveler, with the use of his (Eagle) Adler typewriter, about the beauty of nature and how people, as they ‘rub’ against each other, collide. “Much of living” Mankh says, “has to do with friction.” If we paid attention one could see what is going on in the world around us more clearly, sitting at their favorite coffee shop, noticing the simple and also the profound things. Mankh expresses this to the reader astutely by interlacing fact with conjecture and using Shakespeare, Sanskrit, Ginsberg and other poets as his guide. Musings with The Golden Sparrow is an intense well-researched awareness of all the natural good, the innate bad and the corporate ugly that affects the world. It educates us, like the Asian brush stroke of the calligraphy pen, to be “centered with your heart and let the brush stroke out from that place.””
~ Paula Curci
Host and Producer of Calliopes Corner:
The Place Poets and Songwriters Meet
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“I'm appreciating the golden sparrow as a heavenly messenger to be the light and be light (not heavy) though we are often weighed down by the gravity of doing.” - Kaveri Patel www.wisdominwaves.com

“This noteworthy book is not to be taken lightly, but approached with the lightness of an open soul. To allow the musings to come inside and visit a while before deciding whether or not to agree or disagree, or simply to continue to contemplate. Quotes and histories from many generations of those who “know” and those who have “experienced” the pain and elation of learning lessons from trauma (although not all do) are mixed beautifully and roundly with the author’s own searching journey, making a purist mixture of what we all need to re-remember.”
- MariJo Moore, author/anthologist/seer/medium

“Your sample pages made me think immediately of yoga for some reason. Then my mind took a turn and I thought about “The Teachings of Don Juan”, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, “Siddhartha”, etc.”
- Gary - Wild Birds Unlimited

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