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$10 Haiku One Breaths: a voice through a tangle - 1/2 how-to write haiku, 1/2 anthology of poems. 160 pages, 4x6 size

$10 Modern Muses: How Artists Become Inspired – anthology with a variety of artists exploring the creative process. 168p 5.5x8.5

$10 Young Voices – anthology of poetry from K-12th grades Nassau County students. 192p 6x9

$10- On Behalf Of Those Who Speak Different Languages: 23 poems, 1 essay, and 138+ ideas with references and links to help Mother Earth, Community, and Self – Mankh with Ash Straw, 92 pages.

$10 a little luminescence: poems and artwork by Elena Botts, 44 pages. (part of the “young artist series”; this collection is not your average teen poetry)

$10 Singing an Epic of Peace: a Fifth World Story-Poem – my epic poem covering a lot of topics and focused on Turtle Island ($2 of each sale goes to Shinnecock Nation or Lakota). 264p 6x9

$10 space between poems by Gertrude Halstead. (At age 91 Halstead became the first Poet Laureate of Worcester, Mass. Born in Germany 1916, she escaped to France, then via Portugal she got passage to the US.)

$10 Watching a Sleeping Pig poetry all about animals, birds, etc. by Ginger Williams, 88p, 5.5x8.5,

$15 Inside a Turtle Shell by Robert Savino, Suffolk County’s Poet Laureate

- The Three Wise Animals – for kids of all ages and just right for the holiday season - poem by Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr. with illustrations by Alice Melzer. 20p 5.5x8.5 stapled

- If You See My Dog, the Name Is Moon – poems by Pierre Gazarian, a poignant, whimsical, and thoughtful collection. 112p 6x9

- The (Un)Occupy Movement: Autonomy of Consciousness, Practical Solutions, Human Equality-prose & poetry (The subtitle explains why this book is still relevant.) edited by Mankh, 144 pages

- Jewel Fire: A Collection of Buddhist Poems by Arya F. Jenkins, 28 pages, stapled chapbook.

- impeach the monsters: New Dawn – poems and essays – by Mankh, 76 pages.

- primal sanities! – anthology of poems and essays as tribute to Walt Whitman. 144p 6x9

- A Granddaughter’s Rite of Passage: Tales from the McCarthy Era – Julie Gilgoff, 176 pages (considering today’s world, an important era of history to learn about)

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