that charged sleep of small things
(a line from Kim Shuck’s piece “Tangled” in the anthology Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe)

the pen and dream journal,
box of tissues, curtains to block
the electric street-lights,
a mattress for a launch-pad
and it is booking a ticket to the astral plane,
the place of supine visions, psychological discoveries,
prophetic insights, deep rest . . .
a windowless window to another realm
connected to this one
(unless you are now dreaming of reading this)
tethered by small things, pen, journal, mattress, gravity . . .

and little children with big dreams, small birds
charged with moon glow and stars lights
even the summer grass dreaming of being cut
and so prepared for the next day’s events,
with thanks for that energy station bridging the worlds,
that charged sleep of small things,
of rapid eyelash movements like new leaves
fluttering in the spring dawn sky

~ mankh 8-4-14

the orchestra was not playing music
they became the instruments
and a wondrous fusion of music came through
the poet was not there but the words came through
deep in the woods
the wind plays a flute
if a tree doesn’t fall
it does make sounds
no one was home
but an inner light came on
what moves all these
is more real
than anything you or I can accomplish

~ mankh 8-14

“same difference” 7-26-14

© 2003-2017 Walter E. Harris III