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This launches the ScribeVibe Blogpage which will have an almost daily musing or a book review or simply a haiku or a response to a news story or a theory about what’s going on with the world or something along those lines and curves... It’ll tend to be muse-driven and spontaneously concocted. The presentation is nothing much fancy because Zen marrow is what sticks for the long haul, which isn’t to say i don’t enjoy some fancy tech stuff too, am just not into having a Facebook page and have limited tech-skills. So... all you need to do to keep up with the daily musings is to bookmark and/or check this link.

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in my humble opinion a must-see documentary:
Fukushima and the Lakota Man” 47minutes

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” - Chinese saying

The successful business model seems always needing to be questioned.

“Multinational companies, including Del Monte, Dole Food Company and Chiquita were named for voluntarily financing right-wing paramilitary groups in the  northern banana-producing region of Uraba.” Also mentioned in the article is Coca-Cola. And, “Right-wing paramilitary groups are estimated to be responsible for the majority of killings during Colombia’s bloody conflict, which  has left millions dead. These paramilitary groups often enjoyed the support of the country’s politicians.” From “Colombian Companies Charged for Crimes Against Humanity” Also, Rainforest Action Network made it known that, “$29,800,000. That’s how much money Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo’s CEO will make this year. She’s being compensated, handsomely, while her company continues to sell products linked to child labor, deforestation and land conflict.”

If nothing else, vote with your wallet. And good news is that at least Chiquita will be criminally prosecuted. “New 'Chiquita Papers’ Expose How Banana Execs Fueled War and Terror in Colombia for Decades

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
                                                                                       ~ Albert Einstein

It’s so obvious yet because it doesn’t get talked about enough:
“"If that money was used for cooperation or to fight poverty, we could solve so many problems," said the head of state. “Bolivian President Evo Morales denounced the United States' decision to increase by more than US$54 billion its military budget Sunday, saying that many of the world's problems would not exist if the U.S. did not invest in war and intervention. ...”

from “If US Didn't Invest in War World's Problems Solved: Evo Morales

A wonderful show on PBS, “Craft In America” featured two Native artists, a Tlingit glass-blower, Preston Singletary and a Cherokee paper-maker, etc, A line that stood out was, “You’re going to make what you surround yourself with”, referring to how Nature can affect and shape one’s art, writing, etc.

As i read world news and all the discussion of who’s doing what to whom and where, i wonder how much it occurs to people: what business is it of the US and others? It probably has to do with business because money is what drives Ame-rica, which can be translated as ‘love of riches’. But aside from even that, there is so little comment as to the meddling in the affairs of others, as if it’s a given; so here’s a geopolitical Zen koan: what gives them this right? If you heard a couple arguing in the house or apartment next to you would you go over and try to stop them and take their silverware? That’s what Empires do.

Here’s a sane and simple summary of ‘the system’:
Western Nuclear War Threatens Humanity: Bolivia's Evo Morales

The Arts of Communication
Nowadays some of the Art of Communication is about how to connect so as to communicate. Emails, phones, texts, a variety of social media formats . . . Sometimes someone won’t respond to an email so after some days i text and some respond instantly. Whether business or personal it takes a bit of knowing the person so as to know how to optimize connecting. Then there’s the Art of Actual Communication . . .

Easter morning, the joy of seeing that the potted sage, mint, and lemon thyme had weathered the winter and are greening again.

While a viable outlet for expression for some, the UN is a sham, a disgusting part of a sexist alpha-male system, “UN Peacekeepers Gave Haitian Kids Snacks to be Part of Sex Ring” Will there be as much outrage against the UN as against DJTwitter? It’s the system, stupid, which includes a refusal to address and discuss sexuality; why not have masturbation training seminars (or should i say semenars) so as to teach suppose Peacekeepers what it means to be peaceful and not have to use someone, let alone a child, as a party favor. And the corpserate media, will they express outrage? The answer to both questions is probably ‘no’ b/c they are part and parcel of the packaged deal. Pedophile church, pedophile peacekeeping; some folks need to take a good, ahem, long hard look in the mirror.

Prayers for peace as various countries flex their penis-envy weaponry... Chill out boys...

Freudian slippers
“While apologizing for Hitler gaffe, Spicer literally says he doesn't want to distract from Trump's attempts "to destabilize the region"”. Sometimes the truth comes out.

Spicer better watch what he says lest he lose his job and have to shuffle around wearing pajamas and Freudian slippers.

the aroma emitted by the white hyacinth is beyond words yet how many will walk past it not knowing, how many will bow on knees in some kind of olfactory prayer communion praise, drinking-in through nasal passages its . . .

Is that Orwellian or what?
i don’t follow much what specific politicians do but i have been impressed recently with Tulsi Gabbard a Democratic Congresswoman of Hawaii. The following recent news shows how ludicrous most politicians are.

“Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has provoked a backlash from senior Democrats after refusing to take Syrian President Bashar Assad’s complicity in the Idlib chemical attack at face value and demanding proof.

“Speaking live on CNN in the aftermath of the US missile strike against the Syrian airfield near Homs, Gabbard said she remained skeptical€ť of the allegations, and reminded the host of the destructive invasions  in Libya and Iraq, the latter based on a false intelligence pretext. The Democratic representative from Hawaii also called out US President Donald Trump for the reckless and unconstitutional attack. ...

“In an interview to the channel which aired on Saturday, Gabbard refused to be convinced by the undisclosed evidence that Trump and  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have cited when justifying the launch  of 59 Tomahawk missiles against a Syrian airbase.

“Despite being repeatedly pressed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to unconditionally accept the so far unrevealed intelligence, Gabbard retorted: Last time I  checked, Wolf, the Congress has the authority and responsibility for declaring war, for authorizing use of military force.

“Whether the President or the Pentagon or the Secretary of State say they have the evidence the fact remains that they have not brought that evidence before Congress, they have not brought that evidence before the American people and have not sought authorization from Congress to launch this military attack on another country, Gabbard said.

“She went on to argue that the US has been waging an illegal proxy war aimed at toppling the Syrian government for years, which has only resulted in the suffering of the Syrian people, hundreds of thousands of people dead, millions of refugees and the strengthening of terrorist groups in Syria like Al-Qaeda and ISIS.â 

“Gabbard, who is an Iraq War veteran and sits on the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees, cited the Iraqi invasion as an example of completely destructive, counterproductive war.€ť”

Being harassed for wanting evidence before military strikes are unleashed i.e. acting recklessly is the status quo -- is that Orwellian or what?

the corpserate media
Remember Colin Powell’s vial of chemical warfare fear-mongering he waved in front of the UN then later admitted was staged? Subsequently an estimated 1-million Iraqis, along with US and other soldiers, have been killed in part because of this deception/lie. And now this article reports that “Editorial boards of NYT, WaPo, WSJ, USAToday,  DailyNews, SJ Mercury News, Houston Chon & Chicago Sun Times all endorsed Trumps Syria  strikes.” Where’s the investigative journalism to truly find out what’s what?”

Just when things were quieting in Syria, the US starts bombing, with lack of evidence and no Congressional approval, and many countries and tv pundits applaud that suddenly DJT is acting presidential -- disgusting and sad, yet typical socio-pathological behavior from the Empire of Chaos.

Trump Bombs Syria and Obliterates His Anti-Interventionist Promises

Without consent of the U.S. Congress or presenting a credible case for  its necessity or offering verifiable evidence of charges levied against  the government of President Bashar al-Assad, President Donald Trump on  Thursday night launched more than 50 cruise missiles against Syria in what he said was retaliation for a deadly chemical weapons attack earlier this week.”

a few days ago when the corporate-state news headlines were “suspected” (no clear evidence) and showed little children being harmed (a typical thing for priming peoples’ emotions and not to be confused with genuine concern for children) i figured something was about to hit the fan so then DJTwitter&Co. attacks Syria killing 7 and they’ve already been attacking Yemen killing many more, and only a few seem to question why this happening, what business meddling with other countries and for what purpose? it’s regional control and the addiction for oil and natural gas. Italy, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, England, Turkey cheered the strikes, whereas Russia and Iran didn’t and Russia and Iran have been demonized in the news for months so that’s a clue for how propaganda works, violent insanity, propaganda with a death toll, ... a time for mourning...

corporate new acts as an authority figure often spinning deliberate lies, deliberate stories that turn out to be false... this is why it is important to talk with people, know people in different areas and around the world because you have a better chance of learning the truths, the experiences of people, the effects on their lives and how things affect Nature which affects us all

seeing the white hyacinth in full bloom and smelling the wonderful perfume it emanates i imagine nature is ecstaticly doing its Spring things and this gets me to ask myself again: am i living my full potential? thank you hyacinth for the reminder

Chief Arvol Looking Horse - 'One Prayer'” 11 minutes
(it jumps to 24 seconds so you can manually restart at the beginning)

Spring evening--
bare tree-tops
slow-dancing with the gentle-wind


“...and add to the Empire of liberty an extensive and fertile Country thereby converting dangerous Enemies into valuable friends.” That’s a quote from Andrew Jackson who disgraces the $20 bill; he was instrumental in the Indian Removal Act which led to the Trail of Tears. This is the man who DJTrump hung a portrait of in the oval office. “Empire of liberty” reflects the schizophrenia of the American mind-set. Liberty is free, Empire dominates and dehumanizes, yet within that schizophrenia are, in simplistic terms, looty bags for some and hard-times for others.

The poet Walt Whitman was a voice for populist imperialism, singing for the common man and woman yet within or under the framework of empire aka the “New World”.

This contrast or ultimately oxymoronic-ness is something one can contemplate, see what purpose it serves . . .

April at, ahem, first surprises. A third of the calendar year done; the ahhh of getting through winter yet the oooh it’s chilly. What stands out is how it’s light much longer into evening so there’s more to look at as well as feel the energy of this light.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, ten years ago at age six, speaking at a National Global Warming Event.
3 minutes

“During the Great Potato Famine of the 1840s, more than a million  people perished in Ireland when a blight decimated potato crops that  served as the primary food source for almost half the population, but  primarily the rural poor.

The impoverished Choctaw Nation, just years removed from being forced to walk the Trail Of Tears, was able to scrape together $170 to send to Ireland to help feed starving people.”

To read the rest of the article and see a wonderful sculpture.

“car wash” neon sign
       in the rain


instead of trying to get somewhere and become someone . . .  Remember and open up to who you truly are and relate with all that is ‘around’ you. . .  then the getting ‘somewhere’ and becoming ‘someone’ can flow from that place . . .

The following statistics are staggering and speak volumes; if that amount of money could be spent on constructive activities what a difference it would make...

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,487

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

lilies just visible through the soil, forsythia showing a touch of yellow, lovely signs of the shift of seasons

warmer temperatures of Spring beginning to happen the dance, the mix of various energies . . .

On World Water Day, Half a Billion Lack Access to Clean Drinking Water

From an article about the painter J. M. W. Turner:

“Turner’s obsession with light is also indeed an obsession with the migration of light. Light travels: it journeys the sea and creates a kind of luminescent road over the surface of the ocean that stretches to the horizon and seemingly beyond. The light is infinite, and Turner is surely a painter of the infinite if ever there was one. Ultimately, Turner’s devotion to light is not some form of proto-impressionism: his quest is more a theological than a phenomenological one. Light is literally the ... road to God, the absolute, the divine.”

In a powerful article by a Vietnam vet, “My Lai Massacre, 49 Years Later”, this bit stood out: “Our society is never part of that healing, because they don’t want to hear the truth. And, of course, you have to ask why? They do not want to feel the shame, the National Shame, because it is so frightening. If they were to feel that shame, they would have to redefine their entire lives. In the end, I came to realize, that whenever the truth threatens one’s core belief system, there is an urgent need to deny its reality. That is why denial becomes a sacred cow.”

a friend summed up the seasonal shift quite concisely: Sprung

Some people may feel like, well it’s not Spring weather yet, but March is typically a mix and the Vernal Equinox is also significant because it’s a solar/cyclical thing, a point of balance from which each day has more light than dark... Blessings of Spring!

While pumping gas, normally i don’t like the little tv screens blaring but this time it had “word of the day”: Irenic – and from online: “favoring, conducive to, or operating toward peace, moderation, or conciliation, from Greek eirenikos, from eirene “peace, time of peace.””

“We need somebody that can take the brand of the United States and make it great again. It's not great again.” DJT’s presidential announcement speech (June 2015). So it’s not surprising he recently Twittered: “We're a very powerful company...er, country."

While CNN.com reports “White House apologizes for spying claim” and about March basketball Madness, and Saturday Night Live satire, and the new “Bachorelette”, a CommonDreams headline screams: “US Military Bombs Syrian Mosque During Evening Prayers, Killing Dozens”. CNN and their ilk are, for the most part, professional tabloid sleazebags, numbly and deliberately avoiding ‘hot topics’ such as war crimes and the subsequent layers of pain and grief they’d rather not risk their profits on.

A recent article “Propaganda, Fake News, and Media Lies: The Diabolical Business of Global Public Relations Firms” helps explain how and why; here’s a quote:

“In late 1999, Ben Bagdikian, the author of Media Monopoly and former Washington Post editor, told me that he estimated that two-thirds of all news stories originated with PR firms; in 2003, an article from the Guardian conservatively estimated that 50-80% of news and business stories originated from public relations firms.”

layers of the month of March . . . brightening days, blue skies yet cold winds, lilies, hyacinths and other flowering plants emerging, dry roads, icy patches elsewhere . . .  weaving through the variables . . .  skin aching for extended warmth . . . gratitude for warm shelter . . .

There are a series of videos from 1993 at the UN, i watched “Cry of the Earth - Part 10 of 12 - Hopi Delegation” (53min). Two of the things that stood out are: inventions are ok and can help but if people lose touch with spiritual ways and get too distracted with the inventions, that’s trouble. Also, (some of my interpretation), following spiritual instructions and listening to Mother Earth is as or more important as/than sustainable energies. In other words, we may think that by putting up more solar panels we are improving things but even that may not be enough if we are not connected with the guidance from Mother Earth who is a living being; She feeds, clothes, shelters, and cares for us in so many ways. Give thanks to and care for Her.

In honor of Albert Einstein’s birthday, a quote of his:
“The Intuitive Mind Is a Sacred Gift and the Rational Mind Is a Faithful Servant”

English language associations can be wackily mean, for example, air-head and bird-brain should be compliments because air is what we breathe and birds are highly intelligent, some can travel around the world, through the air, and find the same yard each year.

Interesting article by the scholarly James Petras. Along with the debatable nuances of who actually runs the government is the reminder of the already too long-standing militarized shit-show.
The Rising Tide of Militarism in the 21st Century: From Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump


     clock sprung ahead
           lunch tastes
             the same

Cable TV has umpteen music channels but my fave is Soundscapes because it’s mellow. Not too long ago they started including Zen sayings and koans, then pithy quotes, most of which are helpful. Sometimes i’ll watch and read a bunch in a row but after a few minutes or so and ~ten sayings/quotes, it becomes too much to process. In the Zen tradition a student would receive a koan from the teacher and typically meditate on it for years. So while a good quote or saying can shift your perspective in an instant, it’s good to be wary of fastfood enlightenment. Or as the Zen saying says: before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

     the source

People say they are making/eating Italian food, Chinese food, etc. and while each culture has it’s flavors and styles . . .   it’s all Mother Earth food.

In response to my post “selfishly praying for people i’ve never met”, Narges Rothermel, shared this wonderful poem she wrote:

I say a prayer for you

When I pile up cut tomatoes, red onion, and radishes
on top of romaine lettuce, I think of the hands that
picked, cleaned, packed, and loaded them on trucks,
carried them to cold rooms arranged them on the shelves.
As I remember stories of my father, a newcomer
a child-laborer in another era in another country,

I say a prayer for you

With every piece of bread in my hand,
every corn kernel on my plate, in my bowl
while savoring a few strawberries in the morning
I see you on screen of my mind, picking them with
hands covered with calluses your feet buried in mud
your back pained from bending all day from dawn
to dusk, all for a few dollar an hour. I put down
the bread, the meal, and the berries

I say a prayer for you

I watch the evening news, see you who have crossed
the border without permit in pursuit of a dream,
now, with shackles on your wrists, fear in your eyes,
pain of separation from your loved ones on your face.
I watch the border patrols chasing you from ditch to ditch
in hot dry days and at dark scary nights till you fall
face down on the ground, guns pointing at your head

I say a prayer for you.

     - Narges Rothermel

Here’s the link to my new essay “Think Outside the Colosseum

     selfishly praying for people i’ve never met

i’m putting cashew-‘milk’ on my cereal and thinking when the carton gets empty i’ll need more and for the carton to be filled there must be cashews and there must be people to do the work so i pray for the well-being of those people and all of nature connected with the process...

Most of the day working on an essay, the link of which will get posted here when ready so that’s it for now...

     simply start writing
Sometimes as a writer, as the saying goes, ‘i got nothing’. Typically i don’t force the writing but since this is a daily blog... Sometimes it helps to just start writing and stream-of-consciousness, especially for beginning writers; it’s like an exercise program that takes time to build-up strength. Even if most of what you stream-of-consciousness is drivel there’s a chance that a line or a phrase will be something you can then build on. One of my guiding lights for enjoying the process of writing is Ray Bradbury. One of his suggestions is to simply start writing, even if you only have a word or phrase, riff on it, take sides for or against it, see what it reminds you of, and so on. His book “Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity” has a lot of good energy and ideas. Also, i edited and published “Modern Muses: How Artists Become Inspired”, an anthology with a variety of artists exploring the creative process. 168p 5.5x8.5


“Being Woke means being aware. Knowing what’s going on in the community.”
- urban dictionary

That’s a good thing. And it reminds me of Buddha which actually is a state of being awake, one who is awake, to awaken to the natural law. As with the now ever-popular “it is what it is”, “woke” is making its way into the vernacular. Good reminders yet i also wish that such phrases don’t get trivialized. “it is what it is” has roots in Zen/Zen-Buddhist ways. So these phrases are good reminders yet there is more to them . . .

     always consider what’s missing

This is not an ad for or against. Whole Foods has a program: “alleviating global poverty in the USA and around the world”. One of the key elements is micro-loans which average $184. Most of the $ comes from WF customers and WF. For a while i’ve noticed how in the USA there is a consciousness of solving global poverty (especially Africa), yet seemingly too often neglecting poverty at home. Granted the WF brochure map highlights Florida and a state or two in the northwest as being part of the program (plus online has mention of helping “metro areas”. But what stood out to me and has for years is how Native Peoples get overlooked. Money won’t solve all the issues for anyone dealing with poverty as there are deeper issues of respecting spirituality, culture, lifestyle choices and traditions beyond dollar-value, yet money can help with various basic necessities. And so i’m left to wonder about what could be called a conspiracy theory, though my hunch says it’s a deliberate overlook of Native Peoples. Am not sure when these stats are from but “Half the Top 20 Poorest Counties in America are included in Indian reservations”. So it seems no coincidence, what with the Water-Protectors vs. DAPL aka black snake pipeline, that two of that conflict’s high-profile Native Nations are on the list: “The third poorest county in the USA, Ziebach, South Dakota, lies mostly within the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. The balance of the county is within the Standing Rock Indian Reservation”.

“The real warrior of the future is going to be the one that thinks.” - John Trudell

     oil and water don’t mix

“The Wars of Pertopolis: Global Imperialist regime of the fossil fuel corporate cartels v. the Water Defender Nations of Mother Earth”
Continental Commission Abya Yala: Treaty Stand at Standing Rock

     loaded dice

“In the late 19th century  many U.S. industrialists -- Andrew Carnegie, John Pierpont Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and others -- who amassed immense wealth through the  exploitation and degradation of workers (including children), began to establish philanthropic trusts and foundations. Oil monopolist John D. Rockefeller (senior) described this social mission as a divinely inspired “business of benevolence.”€ť Accordingly, historian Benjamin J. Soskis reports that Rockefeller declared in 1906:

I believe that the power of making money is a gift from  God... I believe it is my duty to go on making money and still more money, and to use the money I make for the good of my fellow man according to  the dictates of my conscience.”

from “Impact Investing and Venture Philanthropy’s Role in Sowing the Seeds of Financial Opportunity

In some twisted way it may sound good that he wants to ‘give back’, yet his statement is loaded with egotism, not to mention the means of the acquired wealth.

     to do nothing can be doing a lot

Some days, especially Sundays, the question is: To do or not to do? Easy to do nothing and flit through the photo album of memories and images . . . yet watch out, could get lost in the past . . . One can also get found in the past. Learning origins . . . tracking to the moments when things shifted, thus shedding light (like stars) on current situations. Conscious time-traveling like a psychologist, shaman, detective . . . unlocking the what, where, when, why, how, and whodunits of our lives. Sundays . . . such mellow anarchy.

(from my forthcoming book, “Photo Album of the Heart-Mind”, the second in The Musing Series after “Musings With The Golden Sparrow”.

     the ventriloquist’s dummies, such “dazzling influence”

From the illiterate hick to the Harvard smooth-talker to the bar-room bullshitter-truthteller, it’s a curious trail of recent leaders (remember the actor?, Ronnie the Raygun, as Gil Scott-Heron dubbed him) of the so-called free world that has more people per population in prison than anywhere else. First off, what i mean by truthteller is that when DJT says the media is fake, i agree, and when he says he wants to get along with Russia instead of demonizing them as the corporate media is wont to do, good idea. But is he just saying all that as from a script? He can be a fake, too, for example, claiming he’s heard no objections to the Dakota Access Pipeline aka black snake. They all do a modicum of good stuff, yet overall these wooden ones are front-men for an entrenched empire with ~1000 military bases worldwide, while infrastructure needs a make-over. Curious thing how such a position of prestige could employ such varied personas when one might expect a thread of continuity with the type of personality one expects of a leader. I thought prestige had a positive connotation, but the word-roots appropriately say otherwise:

“1650s, "trick," from French prestige (16c.) "deceit, imposture, illusion" (in Modern French, "illusion, glamour"), from Latin praestigium "delusion, illusion" (see prestigious). Derogatory until 19c.; sense of "dazzling influence" first applied 1815, to Napoleon.” Online Etymologial Dictionary

Some refer to the ventriloquist as the Deep State. For two fascinating reads see: “The Stakes for Trump and All of Us” by Paul Craig Roberts with quotes from Glenn Greenwald.
“The Deep State Goes Shallow. “Reality-TV Coup d’etat in Prime Time””

Since World War II the US has killed more than 20 million people in 37 countries. Since the Iraq War, US intelligence has warned that military attacks are creating terrorists faster than the US can capture or kill them, intelligence that Bush-era officials refused to accept. President Obama’s legacy of bombing, including dropping 26,000 bombs in his final year and more bombs than Bush, often resulted in killing civilians rather than fighters. Reportedly as much as 90% of those killed were innocents.” -from Newsletter: Being Prepared To Turn Crisis To Our Advantage

And a pie-chart is worth a thousand words:



clearing a tipi
with assault rifles
on unceded Great Sioux Nation treaty territory

   “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” - James Baldwin

So far it seems the forced removal of water-protectors has been mostly peaceful, though there are reports that 9 people were arrested and police-thugs may have broken someone’s hip. Many left peaceably yet a smaller group remains. While thus far it could be considered a peaceful evolution since Wounded Knee, 1973, forced removal cannot be overlooked, as it evokes the socio-pathology of the religio-corporate-state aka theofascism. See: the Doctrine of Christian Discovery & Domination, the Trail of Tears, the Long Walk to Bosque Redondo, etc.

But the corporate media is part of one of the biggest cover-ups in history; they don’t want you to know what’s going on. As example, this morning at CNN.com, of ~30 top stories not one mentions Standing Rock, water-protectors, or DAPL. What’s more important to them is revealed with this headline: “Actor accidentally slapped on ‘Price is Right’”

How long will corporate-America and its People continue to save face? The above quote is in the excellent new documentary “I Am Not Your Negro,” about James Baldwin. Chris Hedges reviews it: “James Baldwin and the Meaning of Whiteness”

Livestream of the raid

Prayers and Actions for Water-Protector Human Beings and the Water are needed!! Heavily armed military police have surrounded the water-protectors and are planning a raid on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm Mounatin Time. As Dennis Banks said: “If there is any violence it will be under the direction of the U.S. government.” Also pray that the hardened hearts and minds... of those who have lost connection with MotherEarth and only lust for $ & oil... soften...
See: “Women of Oceti Sakowin “we are surrounded, we need help”
- Chief Arvol Looking Horse, call for prayers
- Sacred Stone Camp
- “Native women call out ‘help’”


recently i’ve been focusing on non-reaction... to what people say, events, etc. ... with the politics and such like there’s a lot of reacting going on and that’s not just a comment on how RealityTV DJT is like Reagan on steroids. In my humble opinion, many people are over-reacting, which isn’t to say there isn’t stuff to react to just that the corporate media baits people to emotionally react. Response... rather than react allows one to stay centered and THEN see/feel/decide if re-action is necessary. Part of the word respond is from a poetic term, “spondee: metrical foot consisting of two long syllables”, so...
re-sponding allows you the space to ‘poetically’ answer what someone else has said in an equal fashion, allowing for discussion. Of course, sometimes one must express strong emotions, but at least a re-sponse helps avoid knee-jerk re-actions.

     Imperialist’s Day

"The foundation of a great Empire is laid, and I please myself with a persuasion, that Providence will not leave its work imperfect." - George Washington -  Letter to Chevalier de la Luzerne, August 1, 1786

“If ever we are constrained to lift the hatchet against any tribe we will never lay it down til that tribe is exterminated, or driven beyond  the Mississippi . . . in war they will kill some of us; but we will  destroy all of them. Adjuring them, therefore, if they wish to remain on the land which covers the bones of their fathers, to keep the peace with a people who ask friendship without needing it, who wish to avoid  war without fearing it. In war, they will kill some of us; we shall destroy all of them.”
- Thomas Jefferson, August 28, 1807

“I suppose I should be ashamed to say that I take the Western view of  the Indian. I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of every ten are, and I shouldn’t  like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth.”
- Theodore Roosevelt, January, 1886

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we’ll act  again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” - Karl Rove

“We’re a well-oiled machine. We got one of the smoothest running machines in the history of machines. We got one of the best administrations in the history of administrations.” - President Donald J. Trump, 2017

Pun intended?! Operation Iraqi Freedom was originally named Operation Iraqi Liberation but the acronym gave it away: OIL.

Water Is Life - Mni Wiconi - No DAPL aka venomous Black Snake.

     “brief nudity”

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at unintended puns. At the beginning of movies we are warned about what’s to come: violence, language... So i wondered, how brief would the nudity be? Would it be a micro-frame of subliminal seduction? (There’s a book i read in my teens – “Subliminal Seduction” by Wilson Bryan Key – whose theory was that pics of tits, dicks, etc. were embedded in ice cubes and all manner of advertising images; how accurate it all was i don’t know, but nowadays you don’t even need subliminal.) Would the brief nudity be a few moments of so-called private parts or Tabloid-Media- America’s favorite screenshot couple: females breasts? (how come we never see testicles?!), a few brief moments of nothing special to a seasoned adult, yet a potential Masters&Johnson can-of-worms-opener for a budding teen or a gateway fantasy for a lonely someone on a cold night in the middle of February. Taking it literally, i expected the movie to show a guy’s penis poking through his underwear. Maybe some would prefer Boxer Nudity.

     “You say the hill's too steep to climb / Climb it” - Pink Floyd from “Fearless”

Way back when, not that long ago really, after 9-11-01 – that suspiciously unsolved mystery that haunts us to this day, shaping policy, fueling wars, airport searches, spy vs. spy vs. spy, and spewing a vibe of fear into the air thus making for more jittery citizens and a pharmacological boom-time – I looked up the meaning of the word “jihad” because it was all, ahem, the rage aka the grand oxymoron “holy war.” But it actually comes from “jahada” “to strive” and relates to: striving to improve one’s self, evolve, battle one’s demons... Later I heard that another form of jihad is a form of self-defense, hence the connection with actual battle. You can research how it morphed into an extremist, violent projection aimed at so-called infidels. So i wrote this poem, it’s in my book of poems and essays: “impeach the monsters: New Dawn” (2008),

Jahada: “To Strive”

the tiny fisted buds of cherry blossoms
begin to show their fingers
how unviolently spring holds its own,
bunched, tight as a knot
only bearing to become itself

this is nature’s jihad:
overcoming anachronism,
understanding the hallucinatory,
finding a way to attain fullness
without so much as harming
a blade of grass

Fast forward... Am about halfway through a fascinating book, “Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam” by Mark Curtis, which shows how a ~century of working WITH Islamic governments and other groups has helped fuel much of today’s chaos. The bottom line reasonings are oil and not wanting secular-nationalist/popular/democratic governments to spread, hence they (including but not limited to Britain, Saudi Arabia, and eventually US), gambled with supporting Islamic rightwing forces, some of which turned rogue extremist (Wahhabism, Salafism, and various sects/factions of which it’s difficult keep up with), which helps explain much of today’s un-kosher pickle of circumstances. The CIA’s term “blowback” was further explained in context by author and professor Chalmers Johnson. Collusion, blowback, whatever the nasty bits, somehow un-entangling from wars that mess in other countries affairs and poke at their religious hornet nests would go a long way towards a less fearful and more peaceful world.

     “trying to isolate us in a dimension called loneliness
                                                           - John Trudell

We live in an Era of the Community, an era where the individual teachers are becoming a thing of the past, which is not to diminish the value of a teacher rather to say that the great spiritual teachers have traversed (some still traversing) this Mother Earth and have left their teachings to be learned from and applied. The Second Coming? The Buddha of the future? The return of the Jewish messiah/temple? The true Caliphate? All these traditions say: what we seek without is already within: Christ-consciousness, Maitreya Buddha, Elijah, Sufi/Rumi’s “The Friend”, and the Essenes encouraged a messianic movement, meaning that such consciousness is not the privy of one special person who is above others but available to anyone  who puts his/her heart-mind to it.

The Dalai Lama has said he may (possibly as female) or may not reincarnate. Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nations and 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, has said he may be the last of that lineage.

Some of my most guiding personal influences are individuals, and i presume that will be true for virtually everyone. Yet looking at these times of identity politics, celebrity pedestaling, and a capitalist-educational system that glorifies the individual as an example of how ‘you too can make a difference in the world,’ i feel it is high time we remember to think and act from a consciousness of the Community... and not just a human consciousness because a true consciousness of the Community includes consideration of the Water-ways, the Tree-people, the Rock-beings... embodied- as well as dis-embodied-beings... or as Native Peoples say and live: We Are All Related.

Enemy number one seems to be the Corporation (a global form of corporate-state-bank colonization), a faceless trans-national monster that wrecks the environment and communities, and fires workers at the drop of a hat. The word “corporation” comes from “corpus” “body”; many corporations, by their actions, are devoid of spirit and what Buddhists would call right-thinking. Therefore we need a spirited approach so as to avoid their influence, their products, their mind-wash. A heart-mind approach that nurtures the body. We need to think and act from a framework of Community, synchronizing as much as possible... like schools of fish, flocks of birds, peaceful armies of ants, communal living, Native Nations, Zen temples, friends& families...
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