Side Roads: Garden Journal of Haiku
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Side Roads: Garden Journal of Haiku is a pathway through both our garden beds and our garden hearts, bringing insight and enlightenment to ordinary sights and sounds. Take a stroll with Narges through seasons of time and memory, let images evoke a new perspective, allow yourself a moment to relax and enjoy what nature offers all. Expressing delight and wonder with Haiku and Senryu, the author brings you a palette of pleasure. Experience the journey, be fulfilled.
~ J R Turek, Bards Laureate 2013-2015, Poet, Editor, Workshop Leader

100 pages, 5.5 x 8.5”, printed on 100% recycled papers. Haiku, senryu, and short poems for each of the seasons and more.

Spring haiku

From a crack in the ice
the water
in motion

    Beneath thawed snow
    sheltered watered
    daffodil says,

      Blessing of sky
      generosity of mountains
      rivers have enough to share

Relocated purple lilac
in my absence

          Purple iris
          across the street
          first smile of morning

    Come back my wanderer lover
    April blooms and I
    await you

             On flooded road
             glare of headlights
             I squint

              November 2015 (sequence)

              sitting on the porch
              the autumn garden

              a few
              burnt-red colored leaves
              on a branch of blueberry bush

              side by side with
              yellow flowers
              on the last broccoli plant

              some green leaves,
              one pink flower
              on a branch of Rose of Sharon

In Alaska (sequence)

Gods’ names
in Alaska

Your whisper
will echo over the land,
the rivers, and the seas

Soon spirits of Natives’ ancestors
will wrap it in songs of birds,
the rustle of trees and Alaskan-breeze

Spirits of Natives
will offer the whisper
to the wind

will carry the whisper
to peak of Mount Denali

When halo of cloud turns pink
at the peak
and glides toward the sky

will deliver the whisper
to Gods at the early dawn

                                         © Narges DaneshkhahRothermel 2017