so many people go hungry

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  so many plants at the farm,
  it’s a crime so many people
  go hungry
       haiku and brush calligraphy by
       mankh (walter e. harris iii)

24 pages, saddle-stitched (stapled) chapbook, text and cover printed on 100% recylced papers


Part of why i write, read, and study haiku is that, in this very concrete roadway and plasticy high-tech world, the simple poetic form helps me stay connected with and further appreciate the energies of the Nature-Beings. Haiku also serve to remind us that every season has its simple treasures.

Words and their roots speak volumes. Much of the takeover of Indigenous Peoples’ land in the so-called Americas and elsewhere (and much of the current attempts to control land worldwide) can be attributed to a mental disease called “domination.” Words such as “colonize, colony, cultivate, settler, inhabit, till” are connected with the root “colere.” Thus: colonization is based on land-grabs. Would you, in your so-called right mind, go into your neighbor’s garden - without permission - and start tilling the soil?

Mother Earth cares about all her children; a farmer,
a child, a criminal . . . can plant a seed and if the
conditions are right, it will grow — assisted by water, wind, sunlight . . .

Sadly, colonizers have raped, and continue to rape, their Mother.

May these little poems, notes, and quotes help to
improve conditions for Mother Earth and all those
she feeds and caretakes. And some day . . . may the title of this book be outdated.


* * * * *

    sunrise songs
    birds drinking
    the light

             frigid night—
             the bowl of soup
             becomes my universe

who has not felt
the weight of this world?
winter moon

           the space between us --
           in the air
           scent of wild roses

The battle is between the mind-set of exclusivity and the dollar-god (e.g. corporate mono-cropping which depletes the soil’s nutrients) & cooperation and All My Relations (e.g. the Three Sisters - corn, beans, squash - which, according to Native Peoples, help each other grow, as well as nourish the soil aka Mother Earth.

August breakfast
cup of coffee,
chewing a string-bean from the garden

build a home
that no one can take away
the pure heart

   Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need,
   but not every man's greed.

 © 2015-2018 Walter E. Harris III