self-pub authors

“Mankh, I can't thank you enough for your efforts and creativity towards the book. It turned out more than I was expecting it to be.”
- Angad Singh, author of Aching Soul, his first collection of poems.
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“Mankh is a person who lives his truth and his word with utmost sincerity. His professionalism and expertise through the publishing process were invaluable as well as uplifting. It was actually a joyous adventure, rather than a tortuous trek. I look forward to further adventures of this kind with Mankh as my guide.
- Nancy Abraham, author of What’s This Faith Thing: Poems and Drawings”
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“Mankh has helped me self-publish three books of poetry. His suggestions for layout, editing, content, etc. were always helpful, but he never took over the show. Would highly recommend him.”
- Kaveri
author of The Voice, Under the Waves, & An Invitation
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It was great pleasure working with patient, kind and innovative Mankh.
Always available to answer every query, offer expert guidance and assuage author anxiety. I highly recommend down to the last detail, his support and professionalism throughout every stage of this adventure.
- Sybil Bank
River Over Stones - Poetry
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- Lisa James, Nature, Sometimes Human, 2013
“Working with Mankh was an absolute pleasure. His thoughtful, courteous advice helped me produce a better book.”
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Mankh helped me get three of my poetry books over the finish line. That says a lot there – the first must have gone well or I wouldn’t have come back with two more! Working with you has been a pleasure. Your professionalism is reflected in your attention to detail and desire to get the product to where the author is satisfied. Not to mention keeping costs within acceptable limits.
Toward A Nation Not Yet Born (2009); Sleepless in Jerusalem (2010);
What Language Do You Speak? (2011)
- Lloyd Howell
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“In working with Mankh, I have found him to be knowledgeable, responsive, friendly and fair.”
- Richard Bronson
Find out more about Richard:
Center for Medical Humanities 
Poets & Writers Directory page
(I’ve helped Richard Bronson with the layout and technical aspects for the covers of two of his books, Silent Music (2009) and Passage (forthcoming).)
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"I was very satisfied working with Mankh in the publishing of my book because he was patient, consultative, and tolerant. Very happy working with Mankh."
- George Pafitis, Feelings and Words Traveling Together (2014).
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Zen Man: Traveler on a Quest for Purpose and Happiness (The North Sea Poetry Scene Press, 2009). Russ Hampel describes his work as “Robert Frost meets the Dalai Lama”, nature and spirituality prevails.
(I helped Russ coordinate with the printer the layout he already had done.)
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