Dear___, poem-letters

Dear ______, poem-letters to friends and enemies is a collection of 24 poems written as letters to various types of people, phrases, and concepts.
(samples below)

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Dear General,

Youíve probably read Sun Tzuís The Art of War,
i havenít but from what iíve heard
can appreciate the levels of strategy,
thinking things through,
and becoming mysterious so as to avoid surprise attacks,
but other than for life-saving self-defense
i fail to see how a business bent on killing people
and polluting Mother Earth
can be considered an art.

Maybe youíll fail to see
how these words are what some call
the art of poetry
(even some of my colleagues fail to see
so i know what itís like to be alone in a field
with the weight of the world breathing down
on the neck)
but have you ever tried to scribble words &
ideas &
feelings onto paper,
tried to see that when the sun lights up a new day
thereís a man over there who--
behind the mask, the uniform--
is really your long-lost brother?


Dear Monsanto, Dow Chemical Company,
       Syngenta, Archer Daniels Midland,
       Evogene Ltd., Cargill, et al,

When a boy,
i watched movies
about mad-scientists
but never thought they could be real.

You really take the cake,
and i mean that, you take the ingredients for a cake
and genetically modify them,
then try to sell me a disgusting lemon of a car
(no offense to lemons or mixed metaphors).

Who are you to meddle with Nature,
to try and out-do Her divine and heartfelt handiwork?!
Who are you to run roughshod
over the simple joys and necessities
of working with the land?!
Frankly, youíre a bunch of bad apples (no offense to apples).


Dear Thanks,

First of all, just wanted to say, you know, Thanks!
Thanks for being there because without you
no one would express appreciation for anything,
well, thereís gratitude
but youíre so easy to say!

Yet itís a wonder youíre not heard of much these days,
what with the attitude of entitlement,
theofascist (godless-corporate-state) pillaging,
and just plain rudeness.

You are one of my biggest life-lessons.
Once i cleared the slate and realized
that no one owed me anything,
not a thing,
then i truly learned how to be thankful.

So again, just wanted to say, thank you, Thanks!


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Dear Monsanto, Dow Chemical Company, Syngenta,
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and Such Like,
Dear Plants, Herbs, Grasses, Flowers, so-called Weeds, et al,

© 2015-2017 Walter E. Harris III